Based in the Adelaide metropolitan area Advantage Planning Services provide a full range of urban and town planning services to a range of clients throughout South Australia. They services private and commercial clients on a range of projects from a domestic scale to much larger commercial projects.

Council Approvals Planning is perceived to be about obtaining council approval. However there are many activities involved in obtaining an approval from amending plans, negotiating with Council staff, liaising with other authorities and dealing with hostile neighbours.

Statutory planning or development assessment is concerned with the regulating and managing the scale and intensity of development. Developers or property owners are required to lodge a planning application with the relevant government body whether the local Council is the planning authority or the State Government.

Town Planning ConsultantPlanning consultants are concerned with the proposed development and the use of land, protection and use of the environment, urban design and public infrastructure. These issues are relevant at the local government level and politics are inevitably involved in the process.

Planning is a complex area and the legal framework, Acts, Regulations and By-laws involved are extensive. The case law applicable to planning developments and decisions is extensive mainly in the Environment Recourses and Development Court but in other courts as well, not the least being the Supreme Court.

Statement of Intent/ Statements of Supportand Statements of Effect
These are document required by the Development Act 1993 when dealing with Category 3 non-complying development applications. The Statement of Support or Intent in the first instance is to convince the Council that the proposal should be considered by Council.

Provided the Council agrees to proceed then the Statement of Effect is a very detailed assessment of the proposal by the planning consultant. The proposal needs to be considered in relation to the State Strategic Plan, all the relevant Objectives and Principles of the respective Council’s Development Plan. Then finally an assessment of the environmental, economic and social impacts of the proposal are considered.

Car Park Layouts
Parking lots need to be designed to meet the relevant Australian Standards with regards to dimension, aisle widths etc.Other considerations are also landscaping, surfacing, storm water runoff, signage, illumination and public safety. Advantage Planning Services is experience in all areas of planning but has very extensive experience in car parking of all types.

Site Feasibilities
A feasibility study is an assessment of the development potential of a site to objectively uncover the opportunities and constraints of what you can be done with a particular site. Whether someone is selling, buying or developing a property an independent feasibility study can be very beneficial.

Most consulting work is involved with developing or advocating for the redevelopment of land or buildings. However often a neighbour or nearby property owner wants to object to a development Council has invited them to comment on. When they feel their property value and/or quality of life could be affected by the proposed development they often prefer to engage a planning consultant to professionally represent their interests.

Local Government Expert

Local Governmentoperate within the powers delegated to them by legislation and/or the directives from higher levels of government. It is local government that the bulk of people end up dealing with regarding the provision of local services or withcouncil officers who interpret the respective Development Plans. As such planning consultant become skilled in how local government’s operate and how to get the best results.

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