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They strive to provide quality customer service at a realistic price in town and urban planning. Their services accommodate residential and commercial clients, with a professional, enthusiastic attitude which will get the job done.

Based in the Adelaide metropolitan area, they provide a full range of urban and town planning services to a range of clients in the metropolitan and country areas of South Australia.

Urban & Town Planning servicesNon-complying Development Development Approvals
Court representation (ERD Court)Council Negotiations
Feasibility Studies and Land division concepts
Private Planning Certification
Statements of Intent and Effect
Changes of Land Use

Council Approvals
Planning approvals that require the removal of regulated and/or significant trees require special consideration.

Advice regarding the requirements for water storage, stormwater disposal and effluent disposal.

Access and off street parking requirements.

Overlooking and Overshadowing.

Planning consultant
Planning consultants are involved in different types of projects from changing the land use of existing buildings, constructing new buildings including external requirements such as landscaping, open space and off street car parking layouts.

Planning consultants offer a wide range of advice on all matters concerned with planning, development and environmental issues which effect a building project.

They will deliver their expertise to make obtaining planning approval as cost effective as possible.

Planning consultants can range from being actively involved with all stages of the planning process from lodgement of Development Applications, obtainingPlanning Approval and beyond including coordinating Building Approval and eventuallyobtaining Development Approval from Council.

Statement of Intent and Statements of Effect
These statements are technical documents required for the assessment of non-complying development that need to be prepared by a Town Planner and submitted to the respective Council

Car Park Layouts
A number of different car park layout options are available which feature efficient use of space at grade, under croft or as a multi-level parking station.

Their space saving parking solutions include innovative car park layouts which can be custom designed to offer the maximum number of parking bays per square metre as well as featuring efficient entrance and exit designs to minimize congestion.

Ancillary Car parks
Ancillary car parking facilities are located on or adjacent a land use whether in the same ownership or not. Ancillary parking can be used by owners, tenants, residents or visitors to a subject site or adjacent land where the main use is located.

Site Feasibilities
A technical site feasibility study should be completed by a competent consultant to assess the maximum development potential of a site.

An initial appraisal of the site will ensure that all the available options are considered. When a project is selected then the maximum height and building footprint can be selected allowing for the other site requirements like landscaping and car parking.

Site Assessment
To assess site conditions prior to design in order to evaluate sustainable options and optimise the development potential of the site.

When notified by Council of a nearby development if you believe it will impact on the value of your property or negatively impact your amenity then a Town Planner can prepare a professional representation on your behalf.

This will ensure that your concerns are properly considered by Council and that you receive notification of the decision and where appropriate any amendments.

Local Government Expert
Local government areas each have their own Development Plans controlling development within the Council area.

Different Councils each have individual complexities like Historic Conservation areas, Hills Face Zones, Flood and High Bushfire prone areas etc.

Or in many cases development that may meet the Residential Code can be Privately Certified (Approved).

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