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We provide quality customer service at a realistic price. Our services accommodate private and commercial clients, with a professional and enthusiastic attitude for positive outcomes. We provide a wide range of urban and town planning services in the Adelaide metropolitan area, regional towns and country areas throughout the State of South Australia.

Council Approvals
The types of development can range from home extensions to multiple residential dwellings with each site presenting its own opportunities and challenges. This diverse range of residential experience enables us to provide advice from assessing development potential, preparing development applications, planning statements and reports. We will work with you to work out a solution that meets your needs while satisfying the requirements of the specific Council’s Development Plan and could include private certification.

Town Planning Consultant
Because of the diversity of our experience we are used to working with a range of architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, environmental experts, project managers and property owners to attain the best possible outcomes. Whether they are from the private or public sector, planning authorities or other third parties. We work side by side with specialists to ensure an acceptable and sustainable outcome is achieved.

Planning Consultant
Whether you are a homeowner looking to improve your property, a business looking to expand, an architect or developer navigating the complexities of the planning process. Some proposals do run into problems and the respective Council feels compelled to refuse the development this is when we can advise about amending the proposal and/or alternatively what is involved in dealing with the Environment Resources and Development Court if required.

Statement of Intent and Effect
The statement for an application should essentially be a statement of ideas and goals and how they fit in with Councils Development Plan. When Council decides to proceed with assessment a Statement of Effect is prepared a very detailed analysis of what impact that the proposal will have assessed against the relevant Principles and Objectives of the respective Development Plan. Then more generally the proposals anticipated social, environmental and economic impact on the locality.

Car Park Layout
The provision of adequate suitably located off road parking is essential to ensure the efficient operation of a new development. However car parking standards can be quite high for some lands uses eg. restaurants often 1 parking space per three chairs. Often we are required to undertake further investigation into the location and availability of other off site parking. Also the proximity of public transport and the availability of on street parking to argue for the provision of less on street parking than is required by the Council.

Ancillary Car Parks
Open lot car parks are discouraged in some Council areas but ancillary car parks in many cases serve a useful function. Ancillary car parks by definition are linked to an adjacent land use whether in the same ownership or not.

Site Feasibilities
Our sites investigations are very detailed commencing with obtaining Certificates of Title. Then considering issues such as soil contamination, existence of asbestos, disabled access issues, entry and exit to the site. Possibility of nuisance such as noise, dust, vibration, illumination and odours. Discussions with the relevant council and/or EPA officers for a thorough assessment against the relevant Development Plan.

We regularly advocate for developers and owners who want to expand, change the use or redevelop sites . However alternatively we are often requested to prepare representations by neighbours or others who are objecting to a nearby development that they believe will affect their property value and/or quality of life.

Local Government Expert
To reach Advantage Planning for their services please call 0400 024 550 or email

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