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Are you planning to do some renovations to your house? Are you thinking it would be great to have an extra bedroom, bathroom or living area? Would a nice knew deck give you that much needed outdoor BBQ area?

There are certain modifications that you may want to make to your house that will need to have approvals put in place first. In many cases a rule of thumb is that any basic “under roof” repairs or renovations can be done without Council Permits and anything where you want to make additions to your home – decks, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. will need to go through the approval process.

This is just a general rule and it is always a great idea to discuss your plans with a Planning Expert before you start to ensure you follow the right path.

In some case external, and internal, renovations may need to approve to local council Town Planning rules and will need to be approved. Even simple things such as modifying external colours, erecting fences and adding a verandah may be need to be approved. Advantage Planning can give you great advice when it comes to home renovations and site improvements.

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