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Whether it is an industrial use possibly a distillery, flour mill, auto repairs or possibly car and truck rental the question is asked all the time where can I locate such a use? Or is the site I have in mind suitable for such a land use? This is where we assess the factors below amongst others:-

  • Is the zoning appropriate for the proposed land use
  • Is the activity proposed of environmental significance
  • Is there any EPA orders or contamination of the site
  • Are access roads, entry and exit points sufficient
  • Are there disability access issues
  • Is an asbestos registry available
  • Is there enough car parking
  • Does the car parking provided meet the required Australian Standards
  • Are there fire safety provisions
  • Are there encumbrances, easements or the like over the relevant Certificates of Title.

These are some of the more obvious impediments to using a site for a specific purpose. In addition to these what can be done with the site what is its developable potential?

  • Are there height restrictions
  • Setback requirements
  • Site coverage limits
  • Open space requirements
  • Limits on hours of operation
  • Car Parking necessary
  • Loading and unloading specifications
  • Landscaping required
  • Retention of stormwater
  • Signage restrictions

We can quickly assist in assessing the suitability of possible sites. Or if a specific site has been selected for lease or purchase we can undertake a detailed due diligence check to establish any impediments or opportunities that may exists to assist in the process. Call us for assistance in these areas or mobile 0400 024 550.

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