Town Planning and Council Negotiations

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Many building constructions, renovations, additions or adjustments are straight forward and, if done properly, will fall within council guidelines. Done properly a town planning application should sail through the bureaucracy and approval process with the speed of an injured snail and only a wallop to your bank account.

Sometimes you may hit a hurdle.

Applications that are different, or where you try to go above and beyond your council’s approval guidelines will normally hit a brick wall. This is where you either have to go back and abide by council rulings and make modifications or you speak to someone who has the skills to negotiate with the council to get your plans approved.

Negotiating with council is not something that Joe Blow off the street should really attempt on their own. Councils have many rules and regulations and proceed in their own world that has nothing to do with the world the rest of society lives in. A skilled Town Planner with negotiating skills is the person you need. They can break down the barriers, speak to the right person and explain on your behalf why your application should not only be reconsidered but approved. Advantage Planning have done this before and know how to get the job done.

Advantage Planning will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best outcome. They have experience with this and can cut through the red tape, speak to the person who can make a difference and present your case. Obviously not every case will be approved as is but employing an experienced Town Planner to negotiate on your behalf gives you the best chance of getting the outcome you desire.

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