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We strive to provide quality customer service at a reasonable price.Our clients include “mum and dad” individuals who are completely unfamiliar with the town planning system and how to obtain an approval through Council. We also service a range of commercial clients with successful business who require feasibility studies, master plans or specific planning approvals.

We specialise in:-

Council Approvals– For car parks, changes of land use, redevelopment, master plans, new buildings and even development that has not been granted approval (Section 84 Notices)

Town Planning consultant-Lodge Development Applications and follow the development assessment process through to its conclusion. If in the rare case a proposal is refused then we can coordinate the Appeal process through the Environment Resources and Development Court

Planning consultant– Working withthe Applicant, negotiating with the local planning authority (Council or Development Assessment Commission). Employed by representors to prepare professional objections to abutting or nearby development.

Statement of Intent or Effect – A Statement of Intent (Support)is required by Council to decide whether they will consider a non-complying development in the first instance. Then a Statement of Effect is a detailed assessment of the development against the respective Council Development Plan and the possible effects the proposal could have on the locality.

Car Park layouts– A car parking layout is often required for the development proposal that meets the relevant Australian Standards, we know how to maximise the number of parking spaces. If the required car parking cannot be provided on site we know how best to convince Council that the short fall is not critical and can be made up elsewhere.

Ancillary Car Parks– In accordance with the latest case law and other precedents we obtain approval for new car parks whether open lot, within existing buildings or in purpose built structures. In many instances we have secured approval for car parks that have operated for whatever reason without the necessary Council approval.

Site Feasibilities – An assessment of what a site can be used for with reference to the relevant Councils Development Plan and often discussions with Councils Planners. A feasibility study for an existing use can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed expansion. Opportunities and threats present in the environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success.

SiteAssessment – The assessments carried out should be presented in a structured way so the client can decide whether or not to proceed to the next stage. Wherever possible, any information prepared or obtained should be in a format which can be readily shared and used, &should be stored and named in a way consistent with the long-term project and operational needs.

Representations–It can be daunting objecting to a neighbouring or nearby development when the value of your property and quality of your environment is under threat. We are experience with these matters and can prepare professional representations and appear before the relevant planning authority if necessary.

Town Planning Expert–Experience in providing evidence and appearing before the relevant planning authority and the ERD Court.

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