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“With decades of experience in dealing with Local Government we can simplify lodging development applications and assist with negotiations and obtaining approvals. Presently our success rate with obtaining a satisfactory outcome and planning approval is 95%. We not only offer affordable assistance with the planning process which can be bureaucratic and confusing but we obtain positive outcomes and timely approvals.

It makes no difference to us whether the Council is metropolitan or a rural Council we are used to dealing with Local Government across the State. Our intension is to remove the uncertainty for our clients while clarifying the process, smoothing over difficulties and obtaining the required approval on time and according to the fee offer.

Although most of our work revolves around obtaining Planning Approvals for specific developments there is a variety of other work we undertake.

  1. Site feasibility assessments either prior or post purchase establishing what land uses and development potential a particular parcel of land may have within its particular Council area and Zone
  2. Although mostly I advocate for applicants and developers equally I have acted for numerous clients (representors) opposed to a neighbouring development or with more specific concerns
  3. Often the adequacy of on-site car parking becomes an issue so the layout of car parking areas and/or traffic counts in the surrounding area and streets can greatly assist in supporting the proposal
  4. Similarly the Council requires the provision of Statement of Intent and/or Statement of Effect where a development is non-complying I have undertaken many of these with a high rate of success
  5. Sometimes regrettably it is not possible to resolve issues amicably in which case I have lodged many appeals attended compulsory conferences and attended the Environment Resources and Development Court providing expert evidence
  6. I have also been involved in numerous liquor licensing matters

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