The searching, booking and payment for accommodation can now all be done over the internet usually for short term stays. Airbnb accommodation is now all over the world over 5 million listings. Like a lot of the technological changes that spread quickly around the world often the legal system, planning laws, local government and their Development Plans lag behind.

Across Adelaide like elsewhere Airbnb has sprung up all over the place in many forms. Could be a former long term rental property whether a house or apartment. Similarly it could be a flat, part of a house, outbuilding associated with an existing dwelling or many other accommodation combinations.

The distinction between short term and long term residential accommodation can be blurry. If you are renting longer term, mostly with a lease in place, clearly this is a residential land use. Similarly a longer term residency as dependent or supported accommodation, often for a family member, could be short to long term in nature. When the rental period is very short term the style of occupancy is residential but possibly viewed as temporary, by definition more akin to a motel.

An issue that can arise is for example a proportion of apartments in an established building of generally permanent or long term rentals are converted to Airbnb by their owners. The owners may not meet the Airbnb guests through locked box key exchange etc. so control of who moves in is minimal therefore noise and disturbance issues can easily arise.

Alternatively existing outbuildings or similar could be converted to accommodation possibly without all the necessary planning and building approvals. Because the development may not come to the attention of the respective Council proper building standards and safety checks can lapse.

I have been involved with both of the above examples and my observation is that generally Development Plans and Planning legislation have not kept up and properly defined this new phenomenon. However regardless the issues can be resolved and approvals obtained where necessary.

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