Town Planners Adelaide, Council Approvals


Diverse experience with residential development allows us to provide advice from assessing development potential, preparing development applications, planning statements and reports. The type of development can range from home extensions to multiple residential dwellings with each site presenting its own opportunities and challenges. We will work cost effectively with you to work out a solution that meets your needs while satisfying the requirements of the specific Council’s Development Plan.

The new Residential Code introduced by the State Government in 2009 means there are now a greater number of development proposals that are either exempt or complying. Exempt development does not require development assessment or approval while some development may require building consent only. Alternatively limited assessment is possible if one or two measurable performance criteria are not complied with. Our expertise will allow you to establish with minimal fuss whether your development is complying, merit assessment or non-complying so that we can work effectively with the respective Council to achieve the desired outcome.


Commercial development applications can vary greatly in complexity our experience has seen a wide variety of such projects completed successfully with minimal stress.

Local Government Planners, other consultants and building certifiers have a diverse variety of site, building, traffic, landscaping and car parking requirements. Whether it is a change of land use, constructing a new building or a more substantial development our services will assist you to meet the host of requirements that need to be satisfied.


Industrial changes of land use and or new development can present their own particular challenges. Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in industrial development assessment issues such as the:-

  • storage, treatment and disposal of waste
  • noise and vibration levels
  • discharge and storage of stormwater
  • fumes, grit, vapour, soot, ash and dust
  • fuel burning and the rate of heat release
  • discharge of liquids or other substances
  • power usage
  • traffic generation

    These are just some of the matters that can be significant in assessing industrial development.

Consultancy Project Summary

I established my planning consultancy firm Advantage Planning Services in April 2006. The following is a summary of the more significant consulting projects I have worked on

Involvement in planning appeals in the Environment Resources and Development Court (ERD Court)

  • Ashleigh Avenue, Felixstow development of two detached, two storey dwellings on vacant land by Madison Homes Building Co. Pty Ltd and subsequent appeal to the ERD Court
  • South Road redevelopment of the Hilton Hotel and lodgement of appeal with the ERD Court for Hilton Hotel car park and bottle shop
  • James Street Property Trust v City of Mount Gambier
  • Park Fast (Aust) Pty Ltd v Minister for Government Enterprises management plan for the operation of the Ayres House, North Terrace ancillary car park
  • Pinako Pty Ltd and Ambito Pty Ltd v Adelaide City Council
  • Park Fast (Australia) Pty Ltd numerous compulsory conferences in relation to the operation of car parks in both North Adelaide and the Adelaide Central Business District
  • Tilbrook Crescent, South Brighton Appeal concerning the development of a new dwelling
  • Range Road, Basket Range Appeal concerning Section 84 (Enforcement Notice)
  • Ruediger Weiss v Alexandrina Council
  • The Esplanade Christies Beach renovation and extension of existing dwelling
  • Arthur Street, Seacliff Park Appeal construction of a new dwelling
  • Mala Pty Ltd v Adelaide City Council

Planning Reports and Non-complying Statements

  • Pulteney Street, Adelaide refurbishment of an existing showroom for use as offices
  • Fullarton Road, Dulwich conversion of the first floor of an existing office to consulting rooms
  • Greenhill Road, Glenunga to change the use of and refurbishment a showroom and office for use as consulting rooms and naturopathy clinic
  • Charles Street, Norwood a report concerning the demolish an existing dwelling in a Historic Conservation Zone to erect a new two storey detached
  • Paisley Street, Wingfield establish an industrial metal foundry
  • First Street, Brompton warehouse to auction warehouse
  • Pulteney/ Flinders Street Corner – Heaven Night Club
  • Palmerston Road, Unley construct a two storey extension at the rear of an existing dwelling
  • Teringie Drive, Teringie extensive excavation
  • Land Use analysis – what can I do with my property given the Council area (Zone) I am located in
  • Development Advice
  • Lodgement of Development Applications with Council
  • Negotiations and Mediation
  • Car Parking layouts and Traffic counts
  • Land division schemes
  • Changes of Land Use
  • Planning Reports
  • Statements of Intent (non-complying)
  • Statements of Effect (non-complying)
  • Compulsory Conferences in the ERD Court
  • Planning Appeals and Expert Evidence
  • Objections and Representations
  • Licensing matters